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Stage 5 & 6

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are offered as part of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or Record of School Achievement (RoSA).  VET courses are designed to deliver workplace-specific skills and knowledge and cover a wide range of careers and industries. VET courses for secondary students are developed by NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) and are based on national training packages.

VET courses allow students to gain both HSC or RoSA qualifications and a national qualification or a statement of attainment recognised throughout Australia as part of the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).  These qualifications are widely recognised by industry, employers and tertiary training providers and universities and will assist students to progress to various education and training sectors and employment.

Due to the specific requirements of a VET course it is recommended students speak to the VET Coordinator or Careers Adviser before choosing the course to ensure they are fully aware of the requirements and the course is suitable for their individual needs, knowledge and skills.

Current Staff

Ms Reun Mak (VET Coordinator, Retail Services)

Ms Rose Tull (HT Secondary Studies, IDT, Hospitality F & B, Hospitality Kitchen Operations and Skills for Work and Vocation)

Mr Daniel LightFoot (Metals and Engineering)

Mr Gajan John (Construction Pathways)

Ms Nicole Tate (Sport Coaching)

Mr Brett Kear (Sports Coaching)

Ms Hannah King (Retail Services)

Ms Marina Erian (Business Services)

Ms Lina Frahm (IDT)