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General Information

Welcome to Airds High School Library. Our library is a dynamic learning hub, which holistically fosters the development of all students. The library nurtures lifelong learning and support students in their journey to become literate readers, writers and digital citizens.


The library currently houses an extensive range of physical and digital resources which are accessible by both students and staff for study or leisure purposes. These resources are continuously being evaluated and updated to meet the needs of the students and the curriculum.

Staff have the ability to book the flexible spaces in the library so that they can provide students with access to not only the physical collection but also Wi-Fi, computers and laptops. These resources are also available to students during recess and lunch.

Students also have access to puzzles and games as well as printing and photocopying at recess and lunch.

In addition, students and staff can utilise the expertise of the teacher librarian who can provide assistance with researching and referencing for assessments.

Opening hours

We understand the importance of providing access to resources. As a result, the library is open from periods 1-5 each day. During class time, students must be accompanied by a staff member. A  teacher opens the library at both recess and lunch, whereas the library can be used for either study or leisure purposes.



Students in Year 7-10 are able to borrow 3 fiction and 3 non-fiction titles for a period of 2 weeks. Students in Year 11-12 are able to borrow 4 fiction and 4 non-fiction titles for a period of 2 weeks.  Year 11 and Year 12 also have access to Senior resources which contain Preliminary and HSC resources.