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Subject Overviews


Subject Overview

Stage 4 Japanese

Students interact with others in Japanese to exchange information and ideas on topics of interest, and engage in collaborative tasks and activities that involve making plans and arrangements. They identify main ideas and specific information in a range of written, spoken and digital texts, and respond in Japanese or English to information and ideas, in a range of formats for specific audiences. They compose informative and imaginative texts for different audiences, using a range of linguistic structures with the support of stimulus materials and modelled language, and create bilingual texts and learning resources for the classroom.

Stage 5 Japanese

Students manipulate Japanese in sustained interactions with others to exchange information, ideas and opinions. They participate in a range of collaborative tasks, activities and experiences that involve making plans, negotiating and solving problems. They identify and interpret information from a range of written, spoken, visual or multimodal texts, and evaluate and respond in English or Japanese to information, opinions and ideas, using a range of formats for specific contexts, purposes and audiences. They compose informative and imaginative texts to express ideas, attitudes and values, experimenting with linguistic patterns and structures, and using different formats for a variety of contexts, purposes and audiences. They create a range of bilingual texts and resources for the school and wider community.