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Subject Overviews

Subject Overviews

Stage 4 and 5 English

Year 7

Step into the captivating world of Year 7 English, where students embark on an enlightening journey of engaging in novels, picture books, films and documentaries. In Term 1, students are transported to the enchanting landscapes of Dahl's childhood, discovering the intricate layers that shape one's sense of self. In Term 2, students are introduced to the power of visual texts, and then the diversity of voices which have shaped the nation's poetic landscape, illuminating both shared experiences and unique perspectives. In Term 3, students explore the impact of intercultural experiences through film, and Aboriginal perspectives through the platform of drama. To end, Term 4 will challenge students to explore the vital topic of food sustainability, understanding the delicate balance between human consumption and environmental impact.

Year 8

In Year 8 English, students embark on an enriching literary expedition, delving into the multifaceted concepts of the world through a captivating array of texts and genres. Students begin with a conceptual study of belonging, and then engage in a novel study which transports to the extraordinary journey of Stanley Yelnats. In Term 2, students engage in drama exploring the endearing struggles of a young teenager navigating the ups and downs of adolescence, and end with the rhythm and power of rap and poetry being creative outlets for self-expression. In Term 3, students engage in timeless fairytales and explore personal narratives of the refugee experience. To end, Term 4 will provide a lens of the Western culture, exploring the complexities of belonging in a world shaped by lawlessness and adventure.

Year 9

In Year 9 English, students embark on an eye-opening journey that critically examines "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton is a captivating novel that follows rival gangs and their search for identity and belonging. Through this poignant story, students develop empathy for the characters' struggles and reflect on their own place in the world. In Term 2, students continue their exploration of literature through the compelling play "12 Angry Men" that immerses students in the intense deliberations of a jury facing a life-altering decision. Witnessing the power of persuasion and the impact of prejudice on justice and truth, students learn the value of critical thinking and individual conviction. In Term 3, learning takes a turn as English classes take students into the creative mind of Hayao Miyazaki; exploring timeless themes of nature, humanity, and self-discovery. Students finally end Term 4 with the eye-opening documentary "In My Blood it Runs", providing an intimate look at the life of an Aboriginal Australian child, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of growing up in a complex world.

Year 10

The Year 10 course offers students a transformative journey through diverse literary works and visual storytelling. It begins with an exploration of the representations of war, skilfully expressed through the power of poetry. Term 1 delves into the thought-provoking novel "Freedom Rides" by Sue Lawson, immersing students in an insightful study of history and social change. In Term 2, students step into the world of Shakespeare's timeless play "Macbeth," experiencing the depth of human ambition, guilt, and consequences. Term 3 sparks a process of discovery as students engage with the text "Lion" by Garth Davis. This captivating story unravels the mysteries of identity and belonging, taking students on an emotional and introspective journey. Finally, the year concludes with a creative and unique experience through the claymation "Mary and Max." This visually enchanting film explores profound themes of friendship, acceptance, and resilience, leaving a lasting impact on the students. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to think critically, empathise with diverse perspectives, and appreciate the power of literature and visual media to shape our understanding of the world.


Stage 5 Drama

Stage 5 Drama offers an exciting and comprehensive exploration of the dramatic arts. The course begins with a dynamic introduction to scripted drama, where students engage in the creation and performance fostering their creativity and understanding of dramatic structure. In Term 1, students delve into the world of satire in Playbuilding, where they learn the art of using humour, irony, and exaggeration to comment on society and human behaviour. Term 2 brings a dramatic focus on "Jasper Jones," a compelling play within the Dramatic Realism module. Students immerse themselves in the world of the characters, exploring themes of identity, justice, and societal expectations. In Term 3, students shift their attention to Small Screen Drama, delving into the world of television and exploring the unique cinematic techniques and storytelling methods. They analyse and create their own small screen dramas, developing a deeper appreciation for the power of visual storytelling. The course culminates with an exploration of Improvisation, where students showcase their talent through various monologues. This module allows for spontaneous creativity, building confidence, and honing their performance skills in a supportive environment. Throughout Stage 5 Drama, students are encouraged to collaborate, think critically, and engage in meaningful self-expression, laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation and understanding of the dramatic arts and a foundation for study in Stage 6 Drama. 

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