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Subject Overviews


Stage 4 Year 7 - 8 Mandatory  

Visual Arts

Visual Arts provides opportunities for students to enjoy the making and studying of art. It builds an understanding of the role of art in all forms of media, both in the contemporary and historical world, and enables students to represent their ideas and interests in artworks. Visual Arts enables students to become informed about, understand and write about their contemporary world.


Students study musical concepts through performing, composing and listening. Students are provided with opportunities to experience the study of music through both practical and theoretical activities, including performing and composing.

Stage 5 Year 9 - 10 Elective

Visual Arts

Course allows students to further develop their critical understanding of the artist and different points of view of the visual arts. They also expand on their art making practice, using a variety of materials and techniques.


Course continues to build on musical experiences and learning from stage 4, while further developing the knowledge, skills and understanding of a range of musical concepts and a student's own compositions. It is a pathway to studying Music in Stage 6. Students will study composition of music, listening skills and perform solo as well as a part of an ensemble.

Stage 6 year 11 - 12 Elective

Visual Art

Visual Arts involves students in artmaking, art criticism and art history. Students critically and historically investigate artworks, critics, historians and artists from Australia as well as those from other cultures, traditions and times. Students develop their own artworks, culminating in a 'body of work' in the HSC course.

Visual Design 

This course provides students with opportunities to exploit the links between art and design by designing and making images and objects in which aesthetic qualities and symbolic meanings are as important as utilitarian function. It encourages students to explore the practices of graphic, wearable, product, and interior/exterior designers in contemporary societies and promotes imaginative and innovative approaches to design within the context of the Australian environment and culture. 

Through the critical and historical study of designed images and objects students are able to analyse and make informed judgements about the designed works that surround them – works which reflect and construct the image they have of themselves, others and their world.

The course is designed to enable students to gain an increasing accomplishment and independence in their representation of ideas in different fields of design and to understand and value how graphic design, wearable design, product design, and interior/exterior design invite different interpretations and explanations. Students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through the making of works in design that lead to and demonstrate conceptual and technical accomplishment. They also develop knowledge, understanding and skills that lead to increasingly accomplished critical and historical investigations of design.

The Occupational Health and Safety module is mandatory in this course.

Music 1

The aim of Music 1 Stage 6 is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and experiences and to emerge as musically sensitive and capable individuals with the capacity and desire for music to play a significant and continually developing role in their lives. Our objectives;

1. to develop knowledge and skills about the concepts of music and of music as an art form through performance, composition, musicology and aural activities in a variety of cultural and historical contexts

2. to develop the skills to evaluate music critically

3. to develop an understanding of the impact of technology on music

4. to develop personal values about music.